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Esmeraldas Santa Rosa S.A. was founded in 1994. It is located in the mining sector of the municipality of Maripi (Boyaca), 70 kilometers away from Chiquinquira. Since its creation, the company has focused its activity on the exploration and exploitation of emeralds by means of three contracts with the national government through Ingeominas, currently the National Mining Agency; one as a contribution and two under the modality of concession, all currently in force.


Local Employment

80% of the employees of Esmeraldas Santa Rosa come from the region of Boyaca.

Direct Employment

300 is the number of direct jobs created by the company.

Environmental Reforestation

300.000 seedlings are produced annually in Esmeraldas Santa Rosa Garden Center.

Emerald Production

206.000 were the carats of raw emeralds produced in the last decade.


Cunas mine was discovered 25 years ago.


Since 1994 the company has been carrying out its activity of exploration and exploitation of emeralds.


The Community, a Priority

Educational Cuna

We help the young population to continue their studies in higher education.

Productive Cuna

We build lasting relationships with our suppliers and distributors.

Cuna of Development and Peace

We create relationships based on the respect for human rights, International Humanitarian Law and sustainable development.

Environmental Management Plan

With the development and application of this plan, we achieve a balance between mining development and environmental sustainability.

Mining Rescue Point

We work to identify, prevent and mitigate possible disasters.

Donation of Plants

We donate a large part of the production from our garden center to the community.

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