About Us


Since the 90's we started our business as a Leader Company in Mining Exploration and Exploitation, and since then our work has been carried out through significant technological and innovative processes, in order to provide the market with a high quality product that meets your expectations.


To be recognized in the year 2025 as a model company in the exploration and exploitation of mining material and commercial, for its competitiveness at a local and global level, and for its contribution to the socio-environmental development of our country, with emphasis on the communities that have direct influence of the company.

Corporate Responsibility

Esmeraldas Santa Rosa S.A, aware of this responsibility, has developed its strategic planning until 2019, basing it on the following axes:

  • Compliance with legal and contractual regulations.

  • Corporate social responsibility.

  • Environmental responsibility (clean production).

  • Labor standardization.

  • Eradication of child labor threat and restitution of rights.

Where we are

Our operational headquarters is located in the Santa Rosa district, in the mining sector of Maripí, municipality of western Boyacá, which, in addition to housing the most beautiful emeralds in the world, stands out for its varied agricultural production, especially cocoa, sugarcane , tropical fruits, cassava and corn.

Commitment to sustainable development

In Esmeraldas Santa Rosa we base our production processes on the protection of natural resources. Likewise, we develop integral and planned social responsibility strategies to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of employees and of the communities in our area of influence.

Organizational structure

Human Talent

Esmeraldas Santa Rosa S.A. Emblematic company in compliance with the Region commitment. Right now, we have about 300 workers, whom 80% belong to the Boyacá region, seeking social and economic development for the improvement of the living conditions of the communities of the emerald areas.

First of all, our company has been concerned in recruitment its staff plant, trained employees who meet all the requirements of law, and has implemented different education programs which are led together with the municipality of Maripi and SENA.

In fact, in 2014, Esmeraldas Santa Rosa implemented the CUNA EDUCATIVA project, recognizing the educational needs among youth to access higher education when families can not cover the economic cost to continue with university studies.

Then, CUNA EDUCATIVA offers a scholarship to the resident student in the municipality of Maripi who is in the last year of High school in one of the three educational institutions: La Cabaña Agricultural Technical College, Jorge Eliecer Gaitàn Departmental Technical School or Zulia Educational Institution; and get the best score in the municipality in the State tests.

Finally, The SCHOLARSHIP finances the cost of tuition and the maintenance of the student during his university studies in the undergraduate program of his choice in a public university in Colombia.

Mining Rescue

This policy determines the pillars for the improvement of mining safety in the country and defines the technical and operational guidelines to prevent the occurrence of accidents and the death of workers in the mines.

First of all, seeking to support the generation of a mining with social responsibility, Esmeraldas Santa Rosa, create its own point of mine salvage. The station has specialized equipment such as harnesses, ropes, stretcher and a mobile mining rescue unit equipped for the immediate attention of any type of mining emergency.

Then, the point also provides the elements of endowment and personal protection for the group of rescuers that helps in case of emergency, including communication devices underground with surface, Polish self-rescue equipment with oxygen for one hour, and closed-circuit breathing equipment. W-70 based on oxygen with autonomy of four hours.

Finally, Esmeraldas Santa Rosa decided to incorporate 12 rescue workers and two coordinators dedicated exclusively to the mining rescue function. The 15 employees of the company that previously integrated this point, and who are also in charge of other tasks, now fulfill the role of emergency brigade members in the company.


For Esmeraldas Santa Rosa SA, one of the policies is the commitment to the protection and conservation of the environment, using natural resources rationally and efficiently, fulfilling with responsibility the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan, based on current environmental regulations, thus being a leading company in the environmental development of the mining sector.

Each year, the Company's nursery produces 20,000 native seedlings, which are used in the reforestation process, to conserve, protect and recover habitats in the Municipality, which is certified by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), through RESOLUTION No. 629 of December 21, 2012.

Thanks to the agreement with the Company IMEC S.A E.S.P and the connection to the program of integral management of hazardous waste, the company Esmeraldas Santa Rosa S.A., complies with the measures established in DECREE 2676 of 2000, giving them an integral management. Its recycling program and clean-up campaigns in the camp and communities of the municipality have allowed to reduce the volume of waste generated, reincorporating to its useful life.